Years ago, upon reading a novel “Time and Again” by Jack Finney, the concept of time travel fascinated me, but I believed it solely fantasy… however, upon coming across mind bending scientific information, I’m now questing: is it?

Also, in years past, by way of TV programs and movies, I  have been introduced to warping in and out of galaxies, more of time travel, and alternate dimensions.

Then came the series on NetFlix: “Stranger Things”. It was somewhat under duress I watched that series, and the concept of an alternate dimension offered up a trip to “hell” in my opinion. That alternate dimension was terrifying and, at the time, I was truly thankful this was only fiction.

Again, my belief of such a concept being only fiction has been strongly challenged. Thankfully, however, I believe what was illustrated to us in the aforementioned movie is an alternate to what the reality can be: thank God. (and I do mean that literally).

My belief in the aforementioned concepts of time travel, alternate dimensions and popping in and out of these dimensions to be purely fictional was challenged when I happened upon some information that finds support in science; information that apparently has been around for a while but of which I was unaware.

What really compelled me to pay attention, however, is when the person presenting the information in the following video also made mention of  specific historical events of which I have believed, for most of my life, to have actually taken place.

What has happened for me, most recently, is that these previous events are now being seen, by me, in a new light of understanding, as to how they took, and can still take place.

Now my mind is more open to this concept I find what I read this morning to take on a new level of meaning.

Because I find this all to be so mind expanding and, well, fascinating, I am sharing with you in the hope it excites you as well.

Below I will post the first video I heard that opened up my way of thinking, then a link to take you to read (or listen if you choose that option) to what I read today that connects to content in the first video, then you’ll find a link to a short video that depicts a portion of the events described in both the first video and the written historical event.

Please watch the videos in order as posted below and also take time to read the passage for which I will post a link.

My hope is that you, too, will find you are able to look at this things that took place so many years ago in a new light, as has happened for me, and that in the process you, too, will see your existence in a new way as well. I believe you may find it fascinating.

First watch this:


Then read or listen to the following. (Note: on the upper right of the page this link takes you to, there is a button you can click which allows you to listen to it being read to you)

historical example of entering and exiting dimensions

Then take a few short minutes to watch a short and interesting video depiction of the events described: