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Sleeping in on a Saturday morning, in my opinion, is a dream; one I love to experience! I’ve been lucky to have been able to experience this treat many times in my life, particularly these past few years that I’ve shared my life with a man who is typically an early riser; he’ll tend to the household thus allowing me to sleep in.

So, imagine my perplexity this past Saturday morning, Sept 22, 2018 when, for no apparent reason, I woke up just past the crack of dawn! What the heck, yo!

Since there was no urgent reason to get up I remained in bed, the back of my head buried in a pillow, thinking about the weird dreams I had before waking up. Aside from being weird they were of no consequence so I wasn’t making anything of them.

Suddenly I was caught by surprise when the following lyrics crashed into my consciousness in such manner as to command my attention:

“no time left for you, I’m on my way to better things…”

Simultaneous to this, with absolutely no correlation to the dreams of the night, I was presented with a visual in my minds eye:

In what I initially perceived to be water I saw what appeared to be stick like figures, floating upwards.

But then I realized, somewhat surprised, what I was seeing was not water but was a skyline; I was seeing images floating up into the sky ascending above the roof tops.

Immediately following this image there appeared an exceedingly bright light, seeming to have shape, but not identifiable to me; this supremely bright white light was shining out from amongst the clouds.

Rather excitedly I chuckled to myself thinking: “wow, we may be seeing something happen real soon after all”.

Then I saw the image of the bright white light a second time.

Initially I found this experience rather curious but as the day went on, and I pondered more upon the experience, I began to sense this was not so random as it initially seemed, but in reality may well have been an important experience and/or a message.

I guess you could say it took a bit before the significance of it all really set in with me.

Not recalling what that song was but knowing it from my past, I got up from bed and did an internet search of the lyrics: here’s a youtube of the song. However, it was only that particular stanza, as quoted above, I heard while having this particular experience or vision.