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You probably are aware there is to be a mega blood moon on Friday which will be experienced clearly over the middle east continents of this world.

Due to the time difference, those on that part of the world will see it at night while those of us on the American continent will be experiencing blue skies and sunshine in the mid morning hours of the day.

A question I’ve had but didn’t find answers to, is will we (those of us on the America’s) experience any type of eclipse. However, this morning I began listening to a women who does very analytical studies. In this series she just put out pertaining to the blood moon, I learned there is a possibility we may very well experience an eclipse.

I also learned there is a possibility the effects of this lunar eclipse could cause the Yellowstone volcano to blow. We know it’s been showing some activity of late which has the attention of those who understand that, should this volcano blow, it would have devastating effects on this portion of land mass.

So, to back up a bit, some of you are likely familiar with the one and only dream I had for which I spoke with assurance it was a vision from God. I’ve had some interesting and some insightful dreams in my life, but of this dream I have known, without question, it was of God. I have never claimed to know why I was shown what I was shown, and I didn’t fully understand what it was I was being shown.

However, in the span of time since October 8, 2016, which is when I was awakened from my sleep and instructed that I must remember this, upon which the dream was brought to my now conscious mind with distinct clarity, I have been paying attention to both scripture and world events in a desire to better understand what I was shown.

Months after the dream  my studies led me to recognize a correlation between the opening of the 6th seal (from Bible prophecy as given in the book of Revelation). That was a jaw dropping moment that gave me chills, as I recognized the connection.

Some months later, again, I was given reason to believe the “cloud of darkness” I saw just prior to the “bolts of fire” was from an solar eclipse. Thus it was, last year, I was paying close attention when I learned the American continent would experience a total solar eclipse.

Today, in the middle of listening to the series, I paused it to look for photos depicting what a volcano blowing looks like. I specifically wanted to see if in process it caused “bolts of fire” to effectively “rain” down from the sky. I’ve inserted a picture that suggests to me this may very well be so. As we know, this type of natural disaster causes much destruction, which is exactly what I was made to know was the result of the “bolts of fire” that rained from the sky in my dream.

The dream is posted here

If you’ve not already read it, I think you may find it most interesting. For myself, it was amazing to see.

While I am NOT prophesying anything with what I am saying now, I do state I am seeing a good possibility of what could come to pass.

And given all the factors, I see a strong possibility it could happen within the next days to come.

Combined with this, I have been having some personal experiences which lead me to believe the judgments of God are indeed about to rain upon us, just as I was made very aware that what I was shown in that dream were, in fact, judgement of God.

One very important point I understood in my dream was I did not have a spirit of fear. The reason being because I felt the protection of God. Those that put their faith in Jesus Christ need not have a spirit of fear because God has promised that He will protect those that are His.

Thus it is I constantly emphasize the point to get your life right before the Lord; to place your hope and trust in the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

TODAY is the day to do this if you have not already. We absolutely cannot count on tomorrow.

2 Corinthians 6:2

For He says:

I heard you in an acceptable time,
and I helped you in the day of salvation.

Look, now is the acceptable time; now is the day of salvation.

Here is a link to the first of the series I have been listening to: