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Yesterday I spent time working on a sewing project for my youngest child. Just before going to bed, I opened up my tablet to see a youtube had just posted by a young women I enjoy listening to.

I enjoy her videos because I trust that what she shares is truth. She is humble, prayerful, and relies on the Holy Spirit for guidance including when she reads scripture.

I do not personally know her, aside from once posting a comment thanking her for what she shares via her videos, I have no communication with her, and I’ve never shared my blog with her.

Thus to have what she spoke confirm three specific experiences; each of which I have complete confidence were made known to me via the Holy Spirit thus are from the Lord; experiences that each are warnings, served rather as both a jaw dropper and to put some fire back into my veins.

What her video did was serve to show me that what I thought were three random warnings are in reality three events that will all come together at the onset of the “great tribulation”: a time that is very nigh at hand.

I had NO IDEA each of these are related–until last night; listen and hear for yourself!

Please take the time to listen to the following video, and then follow the links to important blogs posted.


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Of us who live in the USA, this is very important: Judgement coming to America?

May 23, 2018 update. I just came across a fantastic video I highly recommend viewing. Please take time to listen, as the message is well backed up with scripture, thus rendering it, in my opinion, highly reliable, and thus very important.