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The night of October 8, 2016 I was given a powerful dream then awakened and heard the words of instruction: “remember this”, after which I went back to sleep.

The next morning, after many other insignificant dreams all of which I’ve long since forgotten, I awoke to have that particular, technicolor, vivid and powerful dream brought back to mind accompanied by powerful feeling I lack words to properly describe. I felt a pressing on my spirit all day and found no rest until that afternoon, upon feeling impressed to do so, I wrote it down in detail and posted as a blog.

That dream is found here: Raining Fire

The feeling of that dream stayed with me for some time, and I shared with others when I felt led to do so. Initially I was guessing at what the “raining” of fire was. Some months later I, in listening to a series teaching on the book of Revelation, had a jaw dropping moment as I learned about Revelation 6. I had a strong feeling this may be describing what I’d been shown in my dream.

So I posted about that possible connection here: Raining Fire update and revision

I’m not entirely sure, but upon seeing the title of this video:

I was immediately drawn as the first thought that came to my mind was if this is so, then I may very well have been shown some of what will take place shortly.

I do know I spent the better part of a year watching for what I was shown to take place, as I knew, without question, it was from God. As spring has been rolling around, and with current events taking place in the middle east, I have again begun looking, wondering if this will be the spring we will see the events, of my dream, take place.

A little later the title of another video captured my attention, for reasons that may be obvious. In listening, when she spoke of “fire” from the sky, I knew I was going to post a comment on her video as well; she used the very term I used to describe just what I’d seen!!

This past summer I put together three significant experiences in the following blog:

Putting it all together