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You know that moment when something seemingly inconsequential suddenly takes on a new meaning; meaning that takes your breath away as you realize the possible implications.


Months ago, possibly 4, maybe more, I had a dream that, at the time, made no sense. Upon waking, with little detail left in my memory, I was perplexed as to why I found I kept reflecting back upon it with what detail I did recall so clear in my mind.

Because the dream seemed basically void of meaning I didn’t blog on it or share it with any enthusiasm beyond a passing statement similar to the following:

I had an odd dream: I dreamt we were camping at a campsite where we were pretty much the only ones there, maybe one or two other campers. I was standing near the door of our trailer looking into the sky when I saw two large (one very large) full moons; one of them was reddish in color. The image is really sticking with me but I don’t know what it could mean.

Fast forward several months when I then had the following dreams as blogged here


At the time I blogged on that Tsunami, and subsequent dreams, I failed to see a correlation to the previous dream, which is why I didn’t include it therein.

This weekend is my and Brian’s anniversary. Some years ago we celebrated our anniversary with a couple nights of winter camping at the Oregon coast. As we have a nice new RV we decided to do the same again this year, this time at a place where just a highway separates us from the beach.

Seemingly oddly, yesterday I found that long ago dream of camping and the two moons came to my mind.

Then this morning I found a message from my daughter informing me of a Tsunami warning for the Oregon Coast; an event that would be triggered an earthquake under the ocean’s surface near Alaska.

One of my first thoughts upon learning this tsunami warning was retracted, is that where this is one earthquake (and it was a big one) there can always be another.

Just minutes ago the following all came together in my mind: dream of camping with two moons and virtually no one else there correlating to camping in winter, a time in which very few people go camping, and doing so in this month wherein we experience two full moons in one month. Add to this the dream of being on a beach and witnessing a massive tsunami wave roaring up and realizing in a moment that we are all going to perish via this catastrophic event.

Hmm…. paranoia or warning?pexels-photo-239107.jpeg … what would you do?