On the third floor of Zions bank in Salt Lake City I stood in the middle of the dealer loans department looking around the ever so familiar place of employment.

As was my usual custom I opted for the stairway over the elevator. After sitting in an office chair for the better part of the day, I’d long since determined it in my best interest to use the stairs morning, noon and evening.

This time rather than finding the customary cleanliness, the stairway had a rather dreary feeling and seemed almost the black and white of long ago TV viewing, prior to color television sets. At each of the landings, as I’d round the corner I spotted a security guard; this was unusual.

Once outside I stood on the sidewalk where I would wait for the bus. This day; a beautiful spring or summer day, offering mild temperatures, blue sky and sunshine, I stood waiting for the bus. Initially the only other person there was my brother, Greg.

In moments, however, we were accompanied by a nice looking man who introduced himself to be the Vice President of the bank.

He proceeded to invite me to be his date to what I understood would be a very elegant, formal dinner event. Showing me a business credit card, he explained that for this date no expense would be spared.

At his query I assured him I had experience to properly navigate the usage of the varied eating utensils, as, for this occasion, I learned this would be needful.

Instinctively, it would seem, I knew I would wear a beautiful evening gown, my nails would be manicured, and my hair would be styled in a beautiful up-do.

While it wasn’t spoken aloud, I was very aware I needed to be conscientious to make all needful preparations in a timely manner so as to be ready on time.

However, next thing I knew, it was almost time to go, and I wasn’t yet ready. I was perplexed as to where time had gone, and very concerned at my lack of proper preparation.

Upon my escorts arrival we attempted to become intimate. I became somewhat frustrated in lack of being able to fully execute that.

Next I stepped into a bathtub to shower, only to discover items I recognized to belong to my brother’s children were cluttering the tub; items such as coloring books, games, and the like.

After spending time emptying these items from the tub, I announced cleared out so that we could now shower.

Then I awoke to the early morning hours of December 8, 2017

Immediately upon waking I understood the clutter in the tub represented “distractions”.

I recognized that these distractions were not “bad” things, but simply things that were serving as clutter preventing me from becoming properly “clean”.

Initially I assumed this dream to be telling me there are distractions in my life; things preventing me from getting clean. After pondering and praying on the matter I am still unsure if this was a warning for me, or if it was for me to share with others. Perhaps it’s a warning for each of us, as during this time we occupy, while waiting on the Lord, we are to keep busy, but at the same time, we need to be mindful that our distractions do not replace our continuous mindfulness of being spiritually clean in anticipation for the coming of the Lord.

In dreaming of attempts to be very intimate was initially very perplexing to me; I felt to dream such a thing, in this circumstance, must be highly inappropriate. However, after praying and pondering on this detail, I remembered in dreams we are unable to articulate emotional intimacy.  So to “see” this intimacy, our mind uses the physical to “see” things emotional.

Once I remembered this, I began to look more closely at my life, to determine if there might be something keeping me from being fully emotionally intimate with the Lord.

As may be evident my belief, my feeling, is that the Vice President in this dream represents the Lord, Jesus Christ.

I believe He is effectively inviting me as His guest to a very special event, which, I believe, represents the wedding supper of the Lamb.

For this honored and sacred event, I want to be spiritually prepared and fully adorned. And I believe this event is coming up soon.

May we each be ready and found worthy to attend.