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The water was so dark it was practically black, both the water and the sky as I treaded water to keep afloat in the choppy waves.  Some distance away I saw numerous other people doing the same. Further away in another direction I saw a couple large ships of which I believe there may have been people aboard.

Then I was on land, an island, and found myself in a very large building which reminded me of a multi-level office type building but separated only by desks and cubicles rather than separate offices. I was surrounded by people, quite possibly those I’d seen while in the water.

The only recollection I have of interaction with anyone was when someone; a person I seemed to know, but can’t recall as being someone I know, who wanted to exit the building to go to somewhere we’d all eventually be heading, but they wanted to go ahead of the others and desired I accompany them.

I argued shouldn’t we wait for the others, but they we insistent on going now, so I went along. As we pushed open the industrial quality French style doors; I opening one, my companion opening the other, strong winds of storm quality whipped with such velocity my company was prevented from being blown away only because of holding on so tightly to the handle of the door.

It was then determined we’d return inside waiting until later to take our leave.

In the midst of all this, I was aware this island was doomed to flood but wondered how this was to take place.

When next standing on the beach amidst the other occupants of this island, as we looked out across the ocean waters, a huge planet, that looked very similar to the moon, suddenly fell from the sky straight into the ocean. Immediately I realized this to be the cause of the impending flood, as a wall of water creating a massive tsunami wave rose up heading straight for us. In my left ear I heard the piercing scream of a fellow occupant and I realized all would die.

Then I awoke from that dream. It was now the morning of Wednesday, Nov 22th, 2017

With the two weeks that have followed I’ve referenced back to that dream in two subsequent dreams. In the first dream to follow that dream, roughly a week later, I dreamt I saw the moon and told someone about the dream I’d had the week earlier.  Two nights ago I dreamt I saw both the moon and another planet next to it, and told the person I was with about my previous dream regarding the moon.

Last night I dreamt in reference to the three dreams I’ve had: my dream and the subsequent dreams referencing back to my original dream, and then I heard the words “three times means judgment”.

I’m really not quite sure what to make of all this, except to say I find it very curious and I wish I knew the “what and why” of these dreams.

What I do know is just yesterday I heard someone speaking of Revelation chapter 8, and the speaker explained that a massive tsunami would explain destroying ships.

This immediately grabbed my full attention as in my mind saw, again, as I had in my dream the ships. Until that very moment, yesterday, I hadn’t made much of that particular detail, just that in retelling this dream to family members and close acquaintances, it is a detail I included as it is a detail that was clear to me.

Following is a quote from Revelation 8:8-9 in NKJV

“8 And the second angel sounded and, as it were, a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea; and a third part of the sea became blood;

and a third part of the creatures which were in the sea and had life, died, and a third part of the ships were destroyed.”