When I first had this experience:

Judgement coming to America?

I didn’t have enough information to understand all of what I was hearing.

Just a few moments ago while listening to a video, a thought occurred to me which led me to look at the calendar. It was in that moment I gained insight pertaining to my experience on the night of May 31st.

In my sleep I heard “in four days”. Initially I thought it might be literal. It wasn’t.

What I realized, just now, after checking the date of my original posting of the blog is that, at end of this month, it will be four months. In a moment the relevance of this should become more clear.

Shortly before the August 21st eclipse I realized the cloud I saw in my dream from October: here  could very well have represented the eclipse.

Soon after that I learned about the forty day warning that was given to Nineveh in the days of Jonah.

I learned that at the time they were given the 40 day warning to repent, or else, there was a solar eclipse very similar to what we just experienced.

I learned our eclipse took place 33 days prior to the Revelation 12 sign that is coming up on the 23rd of September; a sign which is for the nation of Israel.

(explanation in under 5 minutes)


Seven days after the Revelation 12 sign is September 30, which comes exactly 40 days after the eclipse. This day is very important in that it is Yom Kippur; a very holy day: the day of Atonement.

Just prior to the eclipse I had gained enough understanding to piece together the following:

I believe the eclipse served as a warning for our need to repent, and as a warning of judgement coming.

I believe the next significant event will be Rev 12 which is, to my understanding, a warning to Israel.

I then believe the world will have a seven day warning, as in the days of Noah.

I anticipate at the end of that 7 day warning, which will be Sept 30th, or 40 days following the eclipse to be when it all “hits the fan”, so to speak.

However, it wasn’t until just this afternoon, in listening to the following video:



that I had the thought to look at the day on which September 30 falls; it falls on a SATURDAY! It was in my dream that I heard “Saturday will be the start of a weekend from Hell”.

It was at this point (realizing Yom Kippur, September 30th, falls on a Saturday,) that I pulled up the aforementioned blog (Judgement coming here) and started doing the various calculations also aforementioned.

I had titled my blog “Judgement coming to America”. I believe I need to stand corrected as I now believe the judgement coming is not only for America but is actually for the whole world.

I have every confidence I was led, by the Holy Spirit, to read in scripture that which I shared in my blog. I truly believe it serves as a warning of what is to come.

I do not have complete confidence that what I heard, which caused me to awaken, was from the Lord. However, I do find it interesting as I see the connections, as I’ve just described them in this blog.

I believe this forthcoming judgment to be what is described as the time of Jacobs’s trouble, which is also known as the days of tribulation as described in the book of Revelation. I am coming to believe the start of that time may well begin on Saturday the 30th of September, 2017.

A couple informative and or interesting videos are linked below:



(not only did I find this one very interesting, with some good argument, but I found the presentation to be entertaining)