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This morning I had a jaw dropping, AHA, moment…

Which came about upon my seeing the background photo of a newly posted youtube presentation by Steve Cioccolanti.

It was then that details I’ve been learning through the teachings of others, along with personal messages I’ve either received or been led to see, all seemed to merge together to lead me to see the bigger picture.

I’ve been known to say something big is coming, and now I believe I can see that this something big is definitely coming and is practically on our doorstep.

Friends, family and neighbors: we need to be prepared; and by prepared, I mean spiritually even more than I mean physically.

It’s time to get ready NOW; those closest to me know that which I’ve been known to quote by singing: “it’s the end of the world as we know it” is literally going to become a reality for us- of this I feel confident.


That we really are in the end of times became real, for me, with the following dream:

Raining Fire update and revision and or Raining Fire

From the moment I was awakened to understand I was to remember this dream, I’ve felt a strong conviction it is from the Lord, and it IS something that will come to pass.

A few months later I had this experience:

The End of the Line?

Which was followed up the next month with this experience:

Judgement coming to America?

I am not the only one who is being led to see this, as this video will attest to. Note that this video was put out recently; a couple months after I posted that last blog.


My aha moment came this morning upon seeing the aforementioned photo, which brought to mind my dream of last October.  I realized the significance of the cloud I saw, along with a another detail I didn’t mention in my blog; it wasn’t until this morning I realized it’s significance:

In my dream the large dark cloud appeared rather like a dark square blanket, and appeared after my hearing: “hear it comes”. The events to follow took place in darkness where prior it had been a bright sunshine day with a vibrant blue sky.

This past winter I stood on my porch speaking with a friend with whom I’d shared this dream. While standing there a neighbor’s leafless tree caught my attention. In that moment I had a realization which I  spoke aloud stating whatever was coming must be something that would happen in spring or summer as the tree in my dream was fully in leaf and the leaves were still green. (Prior to being completely toasted, that is).

Now, having become aware of the forthcoming solar eclipse, an event I learned of a few months ago, via a newspaper article, it dawned on me, just this morning, that what could account for the spreading darkness, which I believed was a cloud, could very likely be the darkness that will be experienced with the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017.

Shortly after having this realization I went ahead and listened to that youtube to learn what he had to say in regard to the eclipse. From it I learned some important and valuable information, thus I highly recommend watching the following:


So, what is one to do: to start, I personally plan to ensure my pantry is full of nutrient laden foods and containers of safe drinking water, enough to sustain my family for at least two weeks. I also plan to ensure we have other necessary supplies, including first aid supplies, should we not be able to purchase anything for a period of time.

I also think it wise to take measures, as much as one can, to secure up our house for an earthquake, as it’s possible we may experience the motherlode of all earthquakes in the near future.

But most importantly I will continue to stay close to the Lord in prayer, scripture study and thought, as I fully believe that to be of the highest priority.

I believe the return of our Savior is nigh at hand.

And because I fully believe it is my life beyond this mortal realm that is everlasting, it’s for that life I want to lay up my treasures; anything of this life can and likely will become worthless in a quick moment of time.