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If what I’ve just pieced together is for real, we’ve something very serious on the near horizon.

But as I cannot say for certain, having not received personal confirmation of it, at least not yet, I leave this for each who sees it for your prayerful discernment:

On Friday, April 14 I listened to the following video. I’ll admit the warning he shares, at about 8 minutes in, gave me pause for concern.


Then today I saw the following, in the comments section of a completely unrelated video:

” I awoke this morning to a dream that a small muslim boy was whispering to me that in 3 days something huge was going to happen and the muslims were doing some attack. He was terrified. I knew it was a huge thing, and for some reason the Lord hid from me the details spoken to me in the dream.”

(posted by Barbara Alexandria on Thursday, April 20th 2017)

Upon reading what this person shared of her dream of last night, the aforementioned warning, which now really has my attention, came immediately to mind. The first thing I did was recall what day today is followed by a finger count.

Depending on how you count, 3 days from today could be either Saturday, or it could be Sunday.

So, if her dream is truly a warning from God, and if the speaker of the above posted video is truly receiving a warning from God, then those of us who attend church might do well to pray for discernment and guidance.

And no matter what we do, we need to each, individually, ensure our heart is right with our maker, as even if NOTHING out of the ordinary happens this Sunday, we really can’t ever know which day is our last day in this mortal life.

That said, the above quotation is found in the comments section of this video: