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I had two things happen this last week:

The first:

Before waking I had a very short dream


in which I heard in my mind: Ezekiel 38.

Shortly thereafter I woke up, not remembering anything about the dream but knowing I needed to read that chapter in the Old Testament. I’ve heard it mentioned fairly often over the past year, and thus knew it had something to do with a major battle prophesied to take place with Israel in the last days prior to the “second coming” return of Christ.


However, I’d yet to read it, so realized I was being instructed to do so now. In starting to read my mind immediately checked out; typical response when approached with something my mind is not accustomed to understanding. (Think: Attention Deficit Disorder, aka A.D.D.)


Believing this something I was to read, I prayed for my mind to be able to comprehend what I was reading; after which the text became clear, understandable and, surprisingly, actually interesting.

Three days later as I sat down for study time (again in the pre-dawn hours).

I reached over for my little devotional book and bible.

I dropped my bible in my lap so I could open my daily devotional book.

Normally my bible drops into my lap closed but this time it flopped open;


what was really curious was it opened to an Old Testament chapter that, until very recently, I didn’t even know existed: Zephaniah.

Not only did it flip open this obscure, “probably best known for being the least known book of the entire Bible” (a mere three chapters, comprised of only three pages), it opened to the page upon which chapter 1 begins.

Looking down at the open book in my lap, I felt compelled to read. Unlike what would be my typical response, I had the feeling this wasn’t a mere coincidence.

Upon sharing this occurrence with my spouse, he looked and spoke skeptically of it; his attitude being it merely coincidence.


To test it out (or more to prove it not), this morning I sat down and dropped, in similar manner, my bible onto my lap, multiple times, to see what would happen.

All but one time it did as normally happens: it landed on my lap closed.


The one time I “manipulated” it to cause it to open, it did what makes sense: it opened to where I’ve placed a folded church bulletin; this making sense as the bulletin is thicker than the whisper thin pages of the bible, thus creating a natural division.

What struck me as I began to read, is the entire “book” (three pages) is comprised of writing prophesying of end times battles, judgement and the ultimate deliverance of Israel in the “last days” aka “end times”.


That my attention has been drawn to the events of prophecy of this last days battle; a battle that will usher in the tribulation period and the happenings of the last days leading up to the return of our Lord, Jesus Christ, not once, but twice in this one week gets my attention.

My feeling is this is not something that should be lost on me. I can’t help but feel the Lord is, in effect, giving us a heads up. I believe we are on the crest of something big coming; I believe the most important place for our attention is in being spiritually ready.