Such an enjoyable read, yet such an awesome message–I love it when I can get both in one.


I’m living the life of one of those 60-year-old “ladies who lunch.”

Seriously. All I need is a red hat, and false teeth and I’ll be ripe for initiation into bridge club. Or bunko.


Juuuust kidding.

But it’s true though. In addition to the speech therapy and one-on-one work, one of the things my mom is doing to help her recovery from her stroke is to have lunch/coffee with a different girlfriend every day. Get her conversing in new situations with different people.

And guess who gets to accompany her on all said coffee dates….


Haha. I actually don’t mind at all.

I will say this though…I’m gathering enough intel to pen an exposé on the housewives of suburban Ohio after all this.


Haha….in another life.

But I’m also accompanying my mom to all her bible studies and book clubs.

Like I said…I’m turning in to a Red Hat Society…

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