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13 and the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs when she is shaken by a mighty wind.

The above adds new meaning to what I once was guessing at. For those who read my first blog post, found here , on this dream, here’s a refresher of it, and below is an update as things have become clearer for me. Be sure to take a look as I believe this to be very important.

I was sitting at the top landing of a beautiful, open stairway, in an open and spacious house. Directly above me was a huge skylight window.

I heard someone say “here it comes”. Initially confused, I asked: “here comes what?”

My attention was drawn to look above and to the rear of me, in what had previously been a beautiful blue sky. Quickly approaching was a massive, very dense, extremely dark and very ominous looking cloud. I had the sense of something evil.

Next thing I knew it was as if there was fire raining down from heaven. In amazement I watched as what looked like bolts of fire shot down from the sky, hitting objects on the earth.

I first saw one hit a massive tree. Immediately the entirety of the tree lit up in flames; I could clearly see each leaf simultaneously, yet individually, burn. The tree burned almost instantaneously, and quickly fizzled out; quicker than a 4th of July sparkler burns.

This process took place with multiple trees, but I also witnessed quick and similar demolition of statues and buildings, in particular governmental and other public buildings, as the fire bolts continued raining down from the sky.

The events came on so quickly that initially I just watched in amazement, but somehow, in the midst of it I became aware this was somehow connected to God allowing his judgement to be meted out upon the land.

After my initial fascination of what had so suddenly begun to transpire, I seemed to become aware of the extent of the destruction happening all around me and of the danger of it, to which I began to pray God would spare and protect my family, from this destruction.

After the cessation of these targeted bolts of fire raining from the sky, I was no longer on the landing inside that house; now I was viewing from a position outdoors where I was surveying the aftermath of the attack. In particular I noted broken statues, and the destruction of what were once massive public buildings that had been constructed of stone or brick.

I marveled to recognize these once large beautiful buildings were now desolate heaps of rubble. I marveled to realize how quickly something so impressive could so easily be destroyed.

Next thing I knew I was pushing a boxcar in which I had placed children as I attempted to get them to a place of safety.

I don’t know just where I was taking them, I just knew the danger was not in the physical environment that surrounded us, but instead had something to do with escaping some form of newly established government control; a regime being implemented following the destruction brought about by the rain of fire.

I’m uncertain just what the danger was; I simply knew it was urgent I get these children to safety; a process that included getting past the people of authority at set checkpoints; a feat which I was relieved to be able to manage.

It was at this point I woke up; somewhere in the early hours just past midnight. I was awake long enough to know I needed to recall this dream, after which I promptly went back to sleep.

I don’t know why I had this dream and I don’t know for certain what it means. However I believe it is something to come and I now have a strong sense it may be I was shown what a part of what will happen when the 6th seal is open, as described in REV 6:13.

Here is a link to an informative, chronological, and interesting series explaining the book of Revelation. Not only did I find it to be educational, I found it to be most interesting.I’ve attempted to post only video 19, as it was while watching that segment that I immediately recognized the significance of my dream, but I’ve been unable to post only that segment; I seem to be able to only post this link for the whole series. As I believe it an excellent series, I highly recommend viewing it in it’s entirety.

If you wish to only view the portion that pertains to the content of my blog, go to youtube and search out: The Book of Revelation – A Bible Breakdown Study Series, and find video 19, Chapter 6 part 6.

The Book of Revelation – A Bible Breakdown Study Series



P.S. I posted this update 4 days ago. Today, Sunday Feb. 19, 2017 I had the thought, now that I have a clearer understanding of what I was being shown in my dream, to do a youtube search to see if others have had a similar dream and told about it. Here is a comparative video: