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Growing up I learned bits and pieces of end time, end of days, information from my dad, but never had a clear or chronological understanding.

A few years ago I found I was most desirous to gain that understanding.

However, I found it most frustrating that I was unable to find any resources to grant me that which I desired to know and understand.


Like before, at best I was only coming up with bits and pieces that failed to give me a clear chronological picture.

This seeking is what led me to seek out youtube videos.

When, at last, (a week or so ago) I happened upon the following series I was rather excited to note each segment is reasonably short, and thus it wouldn’t take too long to get through this series, so I decided to listen to a few to see if they would be something I’d want to continue with.

I’m excited to share that I was drawn in, my attention being quickly captivated;


this series has proven to be exactly what I’ve long searched for.

For the first time I now feel like I can see the big picture of Revelation through to the Millennial Reign.

I highly recommend this series to everyone, as no matter who you are or what you believe, I believe this will affect you.