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A thought came to my mind the other night weighing so heavy on me it affected my dreams.

Initially, when thinking to share this warning, I was hesitant as I didn’t want to sound like an alarmist.

However, it was in listening to a speaker discuss a potential scenario with the potential of causing a major power outage that caused me to think on it to begin with.

Add to this the nature of nature in recent times, and I’ve determined I’m probably not being over reactive in thinking upon and sharing about this topic.

My nature is such that when I go to bed a night, or awake in the morning, I don’t (normally) envision pending disaster; I tend to expect life to roll along typical to what it has for these many years.

However, that apathy is what can lead to tragedy due to unpreparedness should something happen that affects us.

I propose each of us think of what could happen in a “worst case” scenario (use your imagination), and think of how you could prepare for that.

Some issues I thought of are: no means of heating or cooling the house (depending on time of year, how would we deal with this?); no power for refrigerator or freezer (food would eventually go bad); limited or no use of stove for cooking (what alternate means do I need for food preparation?), no lighting (what do I need for long term darkness?) , no TV, stereo, internet for laptop or youtube, etc. (what will we do for entertainment and to communicate with the outside world?)

Other questions I’d have would be will the water still run (and will it be safe to drink) and will the toilets flush (lack of this could cause serious sanitation and health issues)?

In an attempt to figure out what else we’d need to prepare for I did a google search on the topic. Thankfully there are others who have planned ahead before me, so:

Here’s a very good blog on the topic of two weeks of no electric: http://www.theorganicprepper.ca/getting-started-prepping-for-a-two-week-power-outage-06292013-09282014

(I highly recommend taking time to read over it as well as follow the suggestions contained therein).

I’ve already begun taking steps to fill in the gaps where I see them to meet my family’s needs. I highly recommend you do the same because we really have no idea what the future, even the near future may bring.

I’ve heard it said: prepare for the worst, hope for the best. I believe right now is a very good time to put that into practice.