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Last night I was awakened by a most curious dream, for which feedback from others, particularly those familiar with the symbolism of dreams, would be appreciated. No matter your take, I’d like to hear from you–it could be very interesting.

Somewhere between 2 and 3 a.m. (June 29) I woke up rather suddenly from a dream; a dream that switched from one scene to what seemed a completely different theme.

Normally I would have gone back to sleep. With the second half of my dream on the forefront of my mind I was about to do just that when the first part of my dream came back to mind, with clarity.

In the past I’ve had some very unique dreams for which I’ve questioned if they were more than “just a dream”, but lacking understanding of how to recognize the difference I failed to give them proper respect.

However, recently I learned how to better discern the difference between “just a dream” and a dream that might be the Lord revealing something to my mind at a time I was more receptive to listening.

Upon learning the Lord continues to speak to us via dreams (just like He did in times of old) I committed to pay more attention to my dreams, and told the Lord if I awoke from a dream that struck me as more than just the workings of my mind I would get up and write it down for later contemplation.

At 3 a.m. I found it was not such an easy thing to keep my end of that bargain. The temptation to go back to sleep was great; but I believed to be weak in the moment would be a reflection of me being a weak steward.

So, I staggered into our home office to grope in the dark for paper and writing tool, then made my way to our moonlit bathroom and wrote the following:

I saw a young man and women whom I recognized were intended to marry; the wedding was to take place in the very near future.

At present the bride and groom were not living within proximity of each other.

In my dream I was aware there was some type of unrest in the society, at the time, but upon waking the details were sketchy; I don’t recall anything particular to indicate what type of unrest, I just had a sense this was the situation.

All of a sudden the scene switched and I heard someone say something to the effect of: “let’s do it now”. However, it was not the bride or groom that said this; it was someone who represented more authority than the groom and bride.

So instead of waiting for that future date, the wedding took place in what was “now” or “today”.

As I began writing/recording this dream, my feeling is it was this woman that said it, but I’m still unsure on this, questioning if I had that thought because I was clear on the following detail:

The woman who seemed to have a matronly type influence yet was not the mother of either bride or groom said: “yes” and stated she would be their witness.

Next scene the couple, dressed in wedding clothing, was riding together on a bench seat with the woman sitting to the side of one of them.

Again the scene switched and I was witnessing the couple at what seemed like a wedding reception.

The fact that the groom’s Father was present was of detail of significance. I don’t recall if a mother present, only that the significance was of the presence of his Father.

Then I noticed that the bride was in a bit of distress with fluid running down her leg, and at her feet was a small puddle of fluid. I said something to the effect it was her first time; meaning the marriage had been consummated and she had been a virgin. I ran to get paper towels to help her clean up.

Upon returning with the paper towels I began to wipe up but she indicated she could take it from there.

The scene switched again and both bride and groom were rushing to change clothing. I noticed a large bruise on the bride’s upper arm and realized her life, prior to the marriage, had been rough, thus she had gotten a bit “beat up” from it. However, now she was very happy.

(personal detail: Having had a rough day prior to this dream, I felt pretty beat up by life. I went to sleep very sad thinking how I try so hard to live a life pleasing to the Lord only to have such an epic failure type day).

I then noticed the grooms clothing and concluded he was of royalty, or some level of upper class. This I determined as some of his undergarments were pieces similar to what I’ve seen in costumes worn by royalty in shows such as Downton Abbey or other time period pieces.

Next my dream switched to what I reference as the second dream. In this I was in a very large room where everyone had their own sleeping bags. In this dream I was a participant as opposed to the previous dream where I was primarily an observer aside from the one part.

I got out of my sleeping bag and walked across this very vast room, or area, to where my ex-husband was situated next to his mother and family. I wanted to speak with him but was rebuffed; an action which was readily supported by his mother.  I persisted, insisting to my ex that I really wanted to speak with him and seek understanding. I was using newly learned listening skills and in the process I felt we gained a new understanding.

My sense upon waking is that there was some forgiveness that took place.

Then in my dream I was with his sister, Ruth. Of all his siblings (all sisters), she is the one who was most loyal to him and blamed me when my marriage to him broke down.

In my dream she and I were riding in her car and slowly began to speak to one another and eventually the conversation became companionable and again, I felt like forgiveness had taken place.

This is the point where I woke up.