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I stood at my kitchen sink hand washing a few items that are not meant for the dishwasher, my upper back aching deeply with a debilitating pain that had been plaguing me for several days, when the telephone rang.

The caller was a woman from Food for the Poor, an organization we charitably donate to, after my heart was touched by their cause and research indicated they rate positively for donation funds being used for the actual purpose for which they are solicited.

This call was not to solicit additional funds but was instead a woman on their prayer team asking if we had any prayer requests.

I have a life history of back issues and generally I’m able to function despite pain, as it’s something I’ve learned to live with.

However, whatever had been going on for this period is above and beyond the normal pain level with which I’ve learned to cope; this pain was draining my energy, causing me to require more sleep and to feel moderately ill.

Over the course of many days I’d spend time in a chair with a full back massaging device working up and down my spine, followed with hanging upside down on an inversion bed where I was sometimes able to make some adjustments to my neck. I also spent a couple different evenings soaking in a hot bath infused with Epsom salts — all of which helped to a degree, but failed to bring lasting relief.

On the morning of this phone call I woke up feeling relatively functional, but the pain was definitely making its presence known as I stood at the sink.

As the lady inquired if I have a prayer request my back issue along with a few other concerns ran across my mind, but, for reasons I’m unsure, I choose instead to state I didn’t have anything specific to request.

Her response was to this was to inquired if she could still pray for my family. I consented.

She then prayed for me, my spouse and our family indicating (in her choice of words)that  the Lord knows of our needs and would he bless us accordingly.

To her Amen I added my Amen and thanked her for praying for us.

I hung up the phone and immediately was struck by the realization the debilitating pain between my shoulder blades was gone!

I honestly didn’t even think to expect that. I almost cried (with relief and appreciation).

After a minute I offered up a prayer “ad-on” to please take away the pinch in my neck as well.

I was raised with the belief that healing could only come about if the recipient had sufficient faith. I now see this a bit differently; I believe healing comes through the faith of the one petitioning God.

I am coming to a greater faith that God will bless my life: my body and my spirit, but while I am still growing in that faith I am truly thankful for those who are in possession of much greater faith than I currently possess as well as a God who loves me enough to touch me and bless me even when I fail to think or trust to ask.

I am now going on day three of absence of that terrible pain between my shoulder blades, for which I am truly thankful: both to God and to that faithful woman who so graciously prayed, in faith, to God on my families behalf.

Never underestimate God’s power granted through the petitioning of faithful prayer!