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Apparently 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. That, to me, is shocking statistics.
And that is only one of MANY types of cancer that affects the human body. 
When I was 14 a woman I cared about died after going through chemotherapy. What she suffered during the chemo treatments was so awful I made a vow, then, that I would NEVER undergo chemo. (In all the many years since I never once changed my mind).
I determined if I ever got cancer, I’d live what was left of my life to the fullest and then die. (In my youthful ignorance, I also said I’d eat as much cool whip as I wanted before cancer took me).
In more recent years I was, at first, skeptic, then thrilled, energized, and highly motivated to share upon learning that the only options to cancer is NOT limited to either deadly chemo drugs or death.
I have learned so much about what causes cancer, the bodies immune system and how to beat cancer without practically dying, or actually dying in the process.
I’ve already watched the two previous of these series. In watching the first I was amazed at what I learned; I had NO idea. I eagerly looked forward to listening to the second series and, again, was not disappointed–I learned even more and became all the more a believer.
Hearing legitimate recovery stories of people who don’t just go in remission for a few years only to have cancer come back with a vengeance, but instead recover and experience decades of good health just solidifies in me the conviction there is a better way.
This is why I am trying to share this other “good news”.
I can assure you, should I ever find I’m diagnosed with cancer, I WILL seek these options I’m learning about. In the mean time, I’ve already made positive changes in my lifestyle with the hope of preventing cancer in the first place.
Now that I understand, so much better, what cancer is, why it comes back when treated with conventional methods (surgery, chemo etc.) and the role my immune system plays in relation to cancer cells, I feel empowered to take an active role in my health.
I hope you take some time out of your busy life to listen because cancer is for real, as we all know, and it could be knocking at your door if it isn’t already.
It’s worth your time to get as educated as possible on the topic, including your options, should you ever find yourself with the dreaded diagnosis.
Your health and your life could be dependent on your knowledge or lack there-of.