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Anorexia recovery is a conundrum.

It’s kind of an oxymoron — like jumbo shrimp, or tiny elephant.

How do you recover from a disease where the only way out is to love yourself, but the disease itself dictates that you hate yourself?

This post isn’t depressing. I promise. I’m just setting the stage 🙂


But I was thinking about it today, and this predicament is precisely why recovery is so difficult, and relapse so common.

Eating disorders, by their very nature, are a manifestation of self-hatred.

Think about the disease: everything stems from the inability to love yourself — everything is punishment: whether it be the restriction, the isolation, the purging, self-harm, excessive exercise, you name it — all of these ED behaviors are manifestations of the fact that you don’t love yourself. (And I’m saying you, but I mean we. I’m not pointing any…

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