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I was in the age of 10 to 11 when I arrived at my cousin’s house for an overnight visit.  While awaiting her arrival home my aunt sent me to hang out with one of my cousin’s friends who lived a couple doors away.  In thinking up some entertainment this girl suggested we play one of her parent’s board games: the Ouija Board.

In regard to this particular game, my parents had warned me against messing with it. However, now I was being given the opportunity, my curiosity outweighed my inclination towards obedience. There was no one else present in the home when this girl, my same age, and I took on this exciting venture, thus I suspect I might have been enticed as a partner in crime.

Sitting across from me at a small game table Lisa set the game up and instructed me follow her lead of lightly placing my fingers upon this little device she’d placed upon the board; a device which served as a mobile pointer.

Once we were set up she proceeded to speak a question, followed by us sitting transfixed as this mobile pointer proceeded to slowly move around the board touching various letters so as to spell out the answer.

After the first questioned was answered Lisa asked if there was something I wanted to ask.

I’d been properly warned this game was a tool of the Devil, and thus it was the Devil himself that made this thing work.

Thus it was I did not disbelieved my parents; rather I wanted to see it for myself; a reoccurring theme of my life.

So my question to the game was to ask what made it work. I forget now how the question was phrased, but the meaning was clear; I wanted to know the source of this games power.

Again with our finger tips lightly on the pointer device she asked my question. Figuring my parents knew what they were talking about I anticipated the first letter pointed to would be a “D”.

I remember being confused when, instead of the anticipated “D” it moved to the letter “S”

This letter was followed up by the pointer moving to the letter “A”

From there it moved to “T” followed by another “A” and then it moved to the letter “N”.

In that moment I felt a palpable feeling of fear come over me. Where just moments before I felt comfortable, I now I felt oppressed with fear.

I can safely say I was not the only one who had just had the crap scared out of me as it was an immediate mutual agreement we should put the game away.

After that I just remember sitting on a sofa feeling scared; a feeling that stayed with me for some time.

I had reason to believe, going in, that this was a “game of the Devil”. So it’s not like I was spooked by a new revelation of something I’d no clue of prior.

Instead I believe what happened is that what had previously been an abstract belief, in a moment became, for me, a real and tangible reality; what was once Sunday School and parental teachings now was made known to me by a firsthand experience.

From that moment on I had no doubt of the reality of an enemy of our souls.

More than just seeing it with my eyes, (i.e. that pointer moving about that board of its own accord and literally spelling it out for us),

I felt it to my very core.

A few years ago I shared this experience with a man with whom I had a brief correspondence in regard to a book he’d written. Due to the loss of the life of his beloved wife, to cancer, he became extremely disillusioned with the religion he’d embraced as a teenager and practiced well into adulthood. In his grief he determine this particular religious denomination was false so he dismissed all Christianity and fell back on the belief system of his youth- which is atheism.

Of my experience with the Ouija board he proposed there was a logical explanation. He suggested we’d moved that pointer about of our own accord. I argued that I know for a fact I did not. He suggested this other person had done so. I do not believe she did either. Based on our age and subsequent ignorance and lack of experience, if either of us had manipulated that pointer, we would have spelled out “D-E-V-I-L”.

I’m not even sure this girl realized how the game worked. Unlike me, she did not grow up going to Sunday school. I think to her it was just a mystical game.

As for me, I do believe in a literal source of evil. I believe Satan is real. Not only do I believe He is real, I also believe he is evil.

I think evidence of evil is all around us in this world. Also, I think my experience and thus exposure to the source of this evil is a mere drop in the bucket of all the exposure there is to this source of power.

There are those who claim God is silent; a claim many others would argue against, but, from what I see, the Father of lies, the god of this world, Satan, is anything but silent.

The  evidence of his work is becoming all the more prominent.

I don’t seek after him, but I hear enough to know there are those who do. I’d venture a guess they would argue vehemently to his reality.

Because I recognized that source of evil is real, I have confidence there is also a source of its complete opposite–infinite righteousness; an infinite source of goodness and love. I believe there is a God of Heaven, the creator of our souls.

Personally I choose God, the God of Heaven; the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; the God of the Bible. I much prefer the peace I find therein. I want nothing to do with the fear and oppression that comes with the evil one.