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“Hurt People hurt people” “Offended People offend people”.

As the speaker, Robert Morris, spoke these words, particular people I’ve encountered who have hurt and offended me came to mind. One person in particular, who I’ve long found to be abrasive and obnoxious and subsequently offensive, not only to me but towards other people, came to mind.

The thing that took me by surprise is to think of this person as someone who possibly behaved/behaves in this manner not for the reasons I’ve assumed, but instead may well behave this way as means of compensating for feelings of fear of rejection, or other emotional wounds.

Who knows…

I do find I’ve a recognition of the need to be less quick to judge and more prone to consider there may be more to a person than meets the eye.

What I found most interesting, in listening to Robert Morris speak, is how much clearer my life, my past, becomes to me. My youth was littered with numerous broken romantic relationships; the majority of them being ended, after a short period of time, by me.

I’ve also wondered why, throughout my life, I have not been the one to initiate friendships.

For the longest time I could not have explained why I had this pattern when it comes to relationships. Just now, as I listened to this speaker, it became very clear to me.

I recognize he is spot on.

This link is to a very excellent message from what I think to be an excellent message bearer. I hope others enjoy it as I have.