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What if Hell is real? What if there really is a dwelling place completely void of light; and the beings that dwell there are in utter darkness and, despite being amidst others, they are in complete isolation?

What if there really is a God? What if the God of the Bible is real? What if the big bang theory is bunk? What if there is actually a creator so powerful (omnipotent) and so intelligent (omniscient), that to find oneself in His presence we would come to recognize we are pathetic by comparison.

What if it’s actually true that, in rejecting the creator of our souls we submit ourselves to Hell? What if, in so doing, we end up dwelling eternally in a place where we are completely isolated from every other being around us in utter darkness and without option of ever leaving that place?

What if we really don’t have the option of being able to cease to exist, but, in our complete rebellion against Him,  we have no choice but to remain in that existence, completely separated from God, and light, and any form of connection with others,  forever?!

To be honest with you, just even imagining such an existence is enough to scare the Hell out of me!

What if Jesus, the Jesus of the Bible, really did rise from the dead after three days? What if he was actually more than just a man, or prophet, or great teacher?

We know there was such a man as Jesus of Nazareth because there are historical records, separate of the Bible, that tell of this man. But what if he is actually more than ‘just a man’? What if he really is the literal son of God?  What if he really did have power not only to give up his mortal life but, three days later, rise from the dead into eternal life?

What if death, for us, is not a ceasing to exist? What if it is no longer an eternal sleep but instead we actually continue on but in a different physical state than what we have right now?  What if we actually do have to face and account for what we have done with our life here on earth? What if we really do have to come before a being so powerful we literally can’t stand while in its presence?

What happens if we scoff at the concept of a God, an eternal creator, and we scoff at the concept of a Savior, commonly referred to as Jesus Christ, and we scoff at the concept of life after death and we scoff at the concept of Hell, and we laugh at those we think are fools to believe in such things and then it turns out it’s true and we had it all wrong?

What then? What if God is real? What if we really are created beings? What if we think we are so great but we really are not? What if Jesus Christ, Yeshua, is literally the only way to escape eternal Hell? What if it doesn’t matter that we don’t believe in all this? What happens then?

What if while rejecting any belief  in God we die and end up in eternal misery and damnation because we were so sure of what we thought we knew?

What if we got it all wrong?

How much are you willing you gamble?