So, people freak out, and certain politicians leap up on their agenda bandwagon if there is a shooting spree that kills even a handful of people in one day, yet those same politicians turn a blind eye, or worse they endorse and pass laws to support the daily murder of up to 25 helpless lives a day per just ONE abortion clinic located in Texas.
(per a youtube showing an undercover interview wherein one of the doctors of the Planned Parenthood clinic clarified as much).
Take that one clinic and multiply it by God-only-knows how many other clinics that are mutilating human bodies to end the life of the baby so as to extract it from the woman’s womb (and more recently sell off the parts) and there must be literally thousands of murders taking place daily– just within the good ole US of A.
But, I guess that’s different, somehow, from (what many of us would refer to as) a “nutter” taking a gun and shooting a few people.
(Do I endorse this? No I do not! but on the grand scheme of things, it pales greatly, in my opinion, compared to what I just realized.)
Actually, it is different.
If someone started waving a gun my direction, I’d at least have a chance at making a run for it, whereas a baby in a womb has NO protection, NONE.
I don’t know about you, but I was so traumatized, just moments ago, when the magnitude of just how many babies, still growing in the womb, are mutilated in the process of being murdered, that I wept.
I can’t explain why; I guess it was the reality of it that hit me as I watched the undercover interviews; the casualness of the people who performed those life ending procedures–as if it was nothing more than fixing a broken tooth.
I guess I was shocked at the number of women who seemingly didn’t give a damn about the life growing within them; the life that came about because of their choices; the life that was going to be brutally ended because of their selfishness.
I’ve known for decades this type of murder took place, I guess it was just in the previous moments of this day the magnitude of it hit me.
“Forgive them Father for they know not what they do”.
So spoke Jesus as he hung upon the cross dying for our sins. Unlike us, he, being the literal Son of the creator of All there is and all there will be, was able to see what was taking place from a much more accurate perspective.
Sure the Romans knew/believed they were killing a man, via an excruciatingly painful, absolute torturous manner.
Sure the Jewish religious leaders of the day knew they were, via the Romans, eliminating a man who posed a huge threat to their comfort and control.
But in reality none of them really knew what they were actually doing— they were crucifying God, the Savior of mankind, the one whom was sent because “God so loved the world He sent his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life”.  John 3:16
Likewise, I believe those who take the life of the innocent, be it the doctors who perform this brutal form of murder or the women who choose to bring about the end of life of their unborn child, I can’t help but believe they too “know not what they do”.
I believe the magnitude; the eternal consequences of this action, far exceed anything we can imagine.
May the Father forgive us….