A series well worth our time spent listening for learning to become “Free Indeed”. I’m so thankful I came upon this and can share with you.


Pastor Robert Morris (from Gateway Church, Texas, the eighth largest church in the US) tackles the subject of Demons.  He explains that demons are disembodied spirits looking for a body (to inhabit).  How can a believer keep himself from being an open house for a demon or a legion of demons?  What do you mean by opening a door for the devil?  What is meant by we ourselves are granting permission for Satan to take us bondage?  These are some of the questions that Pastor Robert answers as he points out that the reason why many believers aren’t freed from under the power of demons (who had power over them before they were saved) is that they do not believe that it is possible.  One extreme is to be superstitious, seeing “demons under every bush”; the other extreme is to be skeptical, thinking that “demons don’t exist. Both extremes are deception, which…

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