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So, on Facebook I’m seeing a lot of personal photos embedded into the French flag.

I’m wondering what flag folks will embed their photo into next; this assault on Paris is not a first and I’m very confident it will not be the last terrorist assault.

I truly believe we are entering the “last days” as prophesied long ago. Pay close attention to all the world events and the natural disasters that are coming in close and rapid succession. Put the pieces together and compare to Biblical prophecy and see if you see the same picture I am coming to see.

I’m not afraid; I’m excited. That said, please don’t misunderstand me. I’m NOT happy about natural disasters, I’m NOT happy about wars, rumors of wars and pending world war. I’m NOT happy about terrorist activity.
But my heart leaps with joy to see actual signs of HIS coming. I’ve long looked forward to the return of Jesus Christ.

My life has been full of sorrow, so my lifeline; my hope, has been placed in the promised joy that will come with dwelling in the presence of God.

I once had a personal experience, very short lived, of feeling peace beyond anything this life has to offer. I truly believe it was a gift from God; something I very much needed to give me Hope so I could find the strength to stay among the living.

I don’t exactly know what my life mission is, or why God wanted me to carry on, but having that glimmer of Hope was essential.

And just when I began to weary my hope was in vain; that maybe there really wasn’t going to be “last days”; that maybe Jesus was not really going to come again to earth, then, at last, the tide began to turn; things started happening world-wide.

And I’m not ‘gonna’ lie–I started to get real excited.

But, like I said before, I’m excited not for the sorrows; I’m very excited to meet face to face with our Lord!