In my opinion this is a must read book for everyone. Suzanne Somers has compiled a wealth of information onto the pages of this book; written in a style that is interesting to read.
Typically I don’t like to highlight in my books, but I’ve found information that is so applicable to either myself or a family member, I broke my own rule and grabbed a red pencil so I could go back and find the information to share with others.
I’ve enjoyed learning from the personal stories Suzanne shares, but I particularly appreciate being able to read from the personal interviews she’s had with qualified specialists.
Prior to reading this book I thought I had a lot of knowledge pertaining to cleaning out my body and supplementing it for good health, as I’ve read and listened to so many sources. Yet in the pages of this book I have found there is so much more for me to learn.
I highly recommend the reading of this book as the reader will learn about: the toxins our bodies are exposed to; how to avoid some toxins and what to do to clean toxins out; the diseases these toxic substances cause; the effect on our body of some popular drugs, healthier alternative options that are sometimes a wiser option, and why they can be a better choice; and much more.
I received this book for free from Blogging For Books in exchange for my honest opinion, but now that I’ve come to see the value of this book I believe it’s worth every penny it costs. The information contained therein is invaluable.