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I wish I was as sexy as, apparently, my voice is. I, myself, do not hear my voice as sexy. However, it would seem, there are some men in this world who have, and, perhaps, still do consider it such, or so I’ve been told.

When it comes to looks I’ve been able to hold my own. I have passed as “cute”, and there are even those who have and, even still, consider me pretty. My ex assured me I was passable as “cute”, but made it clear I wasn’t what he was attracted to (that is until I left him; funny how that works). To my current spouse  I’m beautiful, sexy and “hot” (I do so appreciate those rose colored glasses).

Sexy… that is not a word I’d use to describe myself. I think it safe to suggest, based on society’s standards, I am not. I know what sexy is. I grew up in America. I’ve been subjected to years of Hollywood’s standards. I’ve experienced my share of being rejected based on my looks, or lack of attributes there-of. I’ve suffered a fair share of jokes by guys at my expense. I know what it means to be likened to a carpenters dream.



Despite this,  it would seem there is the occasional male “stranger”—who, upon hearing my voice via the telephone seems to think it sexy.

One particular memory happened when I was 20 years old, working in the collection department of Standard Optical. I’d made a call to collect on an outstanding bill when the young man on the other end of the phone proceeded to inform me I had a very sexy voice. His follow up question was to ask if I was as sexy as my voice.
Every so often, when my husband phones me on his way home from work, upon answering the phone he will comment there I go again using my “sexy voice”. I am unaware what it is I am doing to causes this effect.

But there must be something, as this is what happened today:
My cell phone rang. While I didn’t recognize the number, in searching for a storage unit I’d made several calls earlier in the day, so thought it possible this might be a return call. Upon answering my phone I was greeted with: “JJ?”

I responded: “no, there is no one at this number with that name”. His reply: “okay, thanks, sorry”.

Within a minute of hanging up my phone was ringing again. Seeing it was the same caller I answered intending to verify what number he was trying to reach.

However, before I could ask the question he was offering the information. I informed him he’d dialed correctly but that the number was mine and there is no “JJ” connected to my number. He stated my number was what another party had given him.

Having previously been informed people will give a bogus number when applying for credit I asked if he was with a collection agency.

He assured me he was not saying the party who gave him my number indicated it was for a car lot. He proceeded to give me the address for the car lot but said the weird thing is that car lot is out of business. I agreed that was weird, but informed him it was definitely not connected to my number since I’ve had this number for well over ten years.

He made a few sounds as if a bit stumped and otherwise perplexed then said: “okay, well, so… are you married?”

Initially I was a little surprised, but then I smiled and informed him “yes, I’m very married; I’m married with children”. As I was saying this my youngest was in the background playing “Barney” on her I-pad and my granddaughter was near-by making cute little toddler noises.

Thus it was, to my reply he commented: “It sounds like you have a few”. I responded: “yes, I have two adult children, a younger child and a grand-baby, so we have a houseful”. He made some small talk then wrapped it up with “ah well, thank you then, I won’t call you again”. I said: “have a nice day” and the call was ended.

After hanging up, I chuckled as I said to my adult daughter: “you’ve gotta hear this!”

Apparently there was something within the few short moments of a very brief conversation that motivated this complete stranger to take a chance with me. I can only conclude it must have had something to do with my voice. Maybe I still sound “sexy”? Or maybe I just come across as friendly.

In truth I don’t actually know.

Either way, it was flattering. And sometime I appreciate that.