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In her book “At the Feet of Jesus”, Joanna Weaver has compiled a years’ worth of daily devotionals. Just now I read April 6th and was so moved by a portion of what I read I want to share it.

On page 100 she begins:

 “My favorite scene in The Passion of the Christ comes as Jesus struggles up the road to Calvary. Though He’s bloody, beaten, and nearly dead on His feet, the soldiers whip Him to make Him go on. Trying to reach her Son, Mary fights the crowd, but she can’t get to Him. Then, somehow, just as Jesus crumples under the weight of the cross, their paths meet, and for a moment they seem entirely alone.”

 Now it’s the message of this next paragraph that caused me to feel an emotional surge in my chest, with tears coming to my eyes, as the significance of the message touched my soul. She writes:

 “As blood mixed with the sweat of exhaustion drips from His body, Jesus lifts His face and looks at His mother. Then, with an intensity that still reverberates in my heart today, He speaks these words: “Behold, I make all things new.”

 The author goes on to remind us of what the Angel said and what Prophecy taught: Jesus was born to die; he is the final sacrifice. The path to eternal life was laid on that road to death. Because he died for us, and those before us and after us, we will live. He made all things new.

 And again as I read what she wrote I was again impacted by the significance of her words; a timely reminder of an important message I needed:

 “God’s ways rarely make sense to our finite minds. And if we aren’t careful, we will spend most of our life arguing with God rather than embracing His ways.

                Doubting His word rather than trusting His power.

                Resisting His love rather than resting in His arms.

                Remaining the same for fear of the cost of being made new. “