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I’ve noticed posters popping up on Facebook with claims stating: “REAL Men…” or “Women…”  Typically in each instance the poster comments are negative towards the gender being addressed.

One in particular, which I’m thinking of states: “REAL Men don’t Hit Women”.  I don’t recall if the word “men” is all in capital letters; I’m typing it this way for my own purposes.

The reality is “REAL” men do hit women! I’ve witnessed it first hand, and experienced it personally. The men I know that hit women are unquestionably fully male— I most certainly don’t imagine them; they are not ghosts. They are living, breathing “real” men; what they are most definitely not is honorable.

REAL Men do hit women; HONORABLE Men do not.

Emotionally immature, selfish men; men with underdeveloped skills for coping with frustration, hurt feelings, embarrassment, etc., are often those who hit women, children and even animals.

Men who have learned self-control, patience, and possess the necessary skills for coping with negative feelings and emotions, do not resort to hitting someone or something that is physically weaker than them.

Physically abusive men are bullies.

Honorable Men are not bullies.

Honorable Men show love and patience for the women and children in their lives.

Honorable WOMEN show honor and respect to the men in their lives.

As an adult I first had to learn about, and then how to show respect to the men in my life; it was not something I learned by way of example growing up. It would seem this example was lacking for generations back.

While I in no way excuse or condone physical violence by a man (or women for that matter), I DO recognize the connection between disrespect by women towards men and the acting out of men towards the women who disrespect them.

Even in relationships where there is not physical abuse, there are relationship problems when a woman is disrespectful towards her man.

On the other hand, when a woman learns to show respect to her man the natural consequence is she receives from him the love she needs and desires. I know this is a true principle because I’ve experienced it for myself.

Rather than splash about negative finger pointing posters on Facebook, I wonder what might happen if men and women learned, and then practiced, the principles of Love and Respect. But then again, I suppose that really is asking too much of Facebook. I’ve long since learned Facebook is not a place people go for proactive interaction any more than people of yesteryear watched daytime TV (soap opera/ drama) for education or enlightenment.

Silly me….

For in-depth information on this topic go to:    http://loveandrespect.com/