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Does it happen to everyone, or is it just reserved for some; that moment in time where a sickness hits you in the gut as your mind begins to reel and you metaphorically bang your forehead against a wall as you inwardly cry out “My God, how could I have been so blind!”

Denial: in some ways such a blessed thing–temporarily. So long as we swim in the river of denial we can blissfully lie to ourselves that all is well. Despite how much we prefer it this way, the reality is there are snakes and other such evils lurking below, and eventually they seem to surface. And when the truth comes, be it edging or screaming forward, life takes a sharp turn, generally for the worse–and it really sucks.

No matter how much we want to go back to that place of ignorance we can’t. Sure we can choose, still, to do nothing with our new-found knowledge; in some instances this is possible. But we can never go back to that place where we were blissfully unaware (if in reality we ever really were truly unaware).

In my life, I’ve been at this point too many times for my liking. When I was younger, and far more idealistic (what I now deem “unrealistic”) I had the tendency to judge others. Judgement was passed via such statements as: “why would he/she stay with her/him” or “I’d never put up with that” or “how could he/she allow such a thing” or “how could she/he not see what was going on…and the list could go on. Now I’ve lived long enough and experienced enough, I recognize life is NOT cut and dry, and relationships and circumstances simply are NOT that simple.

We put up with a lot of crap in life because the reality simply is “It IS Complicated!”

So, we carry on as best we can, going forward with what is most important to us, and despite what others might think: if they are aware of what they think we are not aware… sometimes we really aren’t so completely oblivious…

And life goes on. And we put our hopes and our faith in what we really do hope we can look forward to–which is probably not going to be in this life; so we hope for it in the next life.