This is truth eloquently spoken. In reading it, I am again reminded with whom I need to turn for peace, comfort and strength. I find it is a journey; I anticipate it won’t be until I dwell in His presence that I will have fully arrived. For now I seek to learn how better to trust in and draw closer to Him.

Darrell Creswell - A Study of Christian Grace

Jesus gives me peace matthew 11 28 The goodness of Christ will sooth your heart in your time of affliction or distress, relieve your spirit, and deliver healing to your heart. The mercy of our Lord will give you a feeling of well-being, and contentment. God’s grace will bring you solace in your time of grief.

Matthew 11:28-30 If you are tired from carrying heavy burdens, come to me and I will give you rest. Take the yoke I give to you. Put it on your shoulders and learn from me. I am gentle and humble, and you will find rest. My yoke is easy to bear, and my burden is light.

The grace of God in Christ Jesus invites you come to Him to find rest for your soul. When you come to Christ with all our guilt and burdens, believe and know that He has the power to comfort you. If you are broken and…

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